Jaclyn M. Wagner​

The Relationship Puzzle Master



7 Things You Need to Know to

Finally Attract ‘Your’ Perfect Person

Jaclyn M. Wagner​

The Relationship Puzzle Master

7 Things You Need to Know to

Finally Attract ‘Your’ Perfect Person

The Dream Relationship Challenge

Are you ready to finally attract your dream partner and create a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship?

During this exclusive event, you'll discover:

  1. What kind of partner will fit your life goals best based on your human blueprint.

  2. The top qualities to look for in a soulmate and how to identify them.

  3. The biggest mistakes people make in their search for love and how to avoid them.

  4. The secrets to creating a strong, lasting connection with your ideal partner.

  5. How to let go of your old relationships and create space for new ones.

  6. The most common reasons why people stay in unfulfilling relationships and how to resolve them.

  7. How to attract a soulmate who is ready for a committed relationship with you.

  8. How to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your perfect partner.

  9. And so much more!

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As a Relationship Strategist, I have years of experience helping people just like you navigate the complex world of relationships. Whether you're single and looking for love, or in a relationship that needs some work, I can help you get to where you want to be.

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Blog Contents

My name is Jaclyn M. Wagner and I am known as The Relationship Puzzle Master. I am both an anomaly and inspiration to everyone who meets me.

What not a lot of people know though, is that I've been though a horrific accident causing a spiral in my health so I had to give up my career and close my business. During this time, I was homebound with terror to leave!

How could I find happiness again by myself let alone with a partner?

And how could I ever be an impact to others in the state I was in??

As I continued to do my self-reflective ‘inner work’ and healing, it would get clearer and clearer. I knew I was supposed to use all my experiences throughout my life to help others, but I had no idea how.

What was stopping me? It was my unworthiness. The same things that allowed me to seem so confident on the outside, would seep out when I started a relationship.

That unworthiness either came out as being too 'put together,' too organized or as being too overly accommodating, 'go-with-flow,' cool girl. Either way, what attracted potential partners to me in the beginning would soon be deflated in weeks or months. Leaving me to be alone in my own tennis match within my mind wondering what I did wrong versus blaming what they did wrong.

The Reconnect Method™ taught me to reconnect with myself by using the outer world as my roadmap. It allowed me to see what I wanted for my future relationships, not just romantically, but in all areas of my life, and just how to call it to me!

Because of my signature method, my dating experience ended up being an adventure, not the nightmare that I dreaded. It became a way for me to grow instead of making myself feel more negative and frustrated. It showed me how to get exactly what my soul needed from relationships in all areas of my life and how to receive it. FINALLY!

It became the data of experiences I cherished as each one was a gift moving me closer to identifying things I wanted in my relationship, shedding light on blind spots that were holding me back and moving me towards the one my soul knew was my match.

I've since helped many professionals do the same. And you could be the next one!

Disclaimer: The Dating and Love Results listed above in our marketing material are the result of highly committed clients

who do ALL the work, have the willingness to change & grow, and learn from mistakes. These results are used specifically as examples.

Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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